Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer fun!

Chesney is taking swim lessons this summer, and they had pirate day last week. It was so cute to see them all in bandana's and pirate hats. This lady goes all out, she even has a blow-up pirate boat for her pool. I think she really likes it now, although I didn't think she would make it all week after the 2nd day when she cried the whole class. She even got grounded from her crayons and paint because she threw a fit the whole class and had to sit in the cave (its the area under the waterfall...not really a cave).

Doesn't she look pitiful? I felt so sorry for her...NOT!
So after a day of not having any crayons...this is what we have now!
That little boy is Thomas, he lives next door to us and is her BFF! They are so cute together, and he is the funniest kid ever. He gets on the diving board and yells... "YEE HAW" every time.

She has a whole new attitude for swimming lessons now.
we went to my Mom's this morning to practice what she has learned so far and I think we will be taking a second session in July that last 2 weeks. She is doing really good, but I think the second lesson will really help her. I leave you today with another art piece that I did this week. I think it is my favorite so far and it is totally an original not like any of the others.

Thanks for stopping by! BTW...Aren't you impressed with a post 2 days in a row? LOL  I am.


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