Sunday, May 20, 2012

Retreat time.....

Spent the weekend at a retreat with my friend Tricia in Tyler. If you have never been to Memory Lane Inn in Tyler you must check it out. It is very very nice and has room for 18 people so it's great for large groups. We stayed in the room for 2 but there is also a room for 4 and two rooms for groups of 6. We've been to the other house they have in McKinney and by far this one is so much bigger. I really like that the crop room is in the main house unlike McKinney where it is separate from the main house. Here are a few pictures I took off of her website.

 This is the suite we stayed in, it's called the First Ladies Quarters

 This is the on-suite bathroom

 The 1st crop room (this is where we were)

The 2nd crop room is right off of the first one

Nice big kitchen

A separate small workroom and extra supplies incase you need something

And these two are of the backyard....very nice to place to sit and read if you want a break

It's back to reality now but I got alot of the Disney album done...YEAH! I need to work on it this week to get it completed and I'll come back and post some pictures of it. You can find alot more pictures of both locations at so make sure you take a look.

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  1. That looks nice. Some friends and I are looking for a place so we'll have to check this out. Thanks Jennifer. Want to see your Disney album. :)



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