Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bahamas!!!

Our internet connection is horrible here in the Bahamas, so I can't upload many pictures of our adventures yet. i got one to upload so I will share it now but the rest will have to wait till we get back.

This is the view from our hotel room! I could wake up to this every morning. we can even see the cruise ships at the port in the morning too. Last night was the welcome reception party by the pool. The food was very good and there were lots of choices. Thank goodness it was better than the food we have had so far. Lets just say what we had for breakfast and lunch the last couple of days has left a lot to be desired.

Today we get to go into town to go shopping! Yea! I am so excited to finally find some souviners for everyone back home. The resort is way out of our price range so we haven't bought anything yet. Here is one more picture from our party last night that I did get uploaded.

These people were so funny...

We don't know these people but i couldn't resist taking a picture of them because I am sure this is not the pose they had intended to get.  Too funny!

Maybe the connection will be better later and I can get some more pictures posted. Thanks for stoping by.

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  1. That last picture totally cracked me up. :) They have those statue people at Disney. It was one of my favorite parts.



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