Saturday, April 16, 2011

DT Project

Get when I was outside this morning trying to take pictures of this project the wind was blowing like crazy. I got this shot and moved one to the pages that I was turning in today, I set it in the chair and the wind must have blown it on to the ground. All of the sudden I hear Chesney yelling NO HUGO!. over and over. I look over and he has my project in his mouth and is taking off across the yard with about having a heart attack! I pretty much threattened to kick him across the yard it he didn't drop it. I have to make some repairs to the clear letters that had fallen of but everything else was good. Of all the things he has chewed on my project have never been one of them until today. He is still breathing but if he had done anymore damage to it....he may have been put up for adoption today.




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