Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel Smashbook

WARNING! This post is picture heavy.
 I finally ventured outside long enough to take a few pictures of my Disney Smashbook.This is not the whole album since it a pretty good size and I'm gonna warn you that it's nothing really fancy but it was a good place to keep everything that I didn't plan on putting into my vacation album. I still add thing here and there and after taking these pictures I added a few stamps that I found in my stash. I have a few Ali Edwards stamps ordered and will probably add those as well when they arrive. I took this book with us everyday to the parks and while we ate lunch I added receipts and postcards and things that I picked up in the gift shops that day. I worked on it on the plane to and from as well. I only took a few supplies with us and added the pictures one night at the hotel and the rest I added when we got back. A few things I pre-cut before we left and when I got to that page I added it. It was fun to take notes and helped me remember all the details of everyday when I was working on the vacation album. I will take a few pictures of the finished Vacation album soon. Hope this gives a few ideas the next time you are going on a trip! I would definitely do this type of album again on our next vacation. 

 I cut up the packaging that the passports the kids got at Epcot and added it to the album.
 Each day I added the parking ticket and the guidemaps for the park we went to along with any receipts from that park.
 This Minnie Mouse was left over from Chesney's Birthday Decorations a few years ago.
The stickers are from Queen &CO and the disney tag came off of a shirt we bought.

I think the heat made the receipt paper turn black, not sure why but this happened to several of them.
I added a napkin and the picks from our burgers at Planet Hollywood.
I had to add our receipt and a picture of our rental car. The paper turned black on this one too.
I bought all of the postcards from the park gift shop when I was able to find them.
I added the package from the Mickey Ears Ice Cream I had at Aminal Kingdom.
This is a map from the hotel we stayed at along with a picture of the hotel.
So like I said before, nothing too fancy and it's still a work in progress but it was easy to take with us each day and add things that I wouldn't typically put in the big vacation album.
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  1. love it, and want to see the rest of the pictures!!

  2. Certain adhesives react with the thermal paper used to print receipts and theater ticket stubs. I had the same thing happen to mine this summer.

    Love the smash book travel journal.

  3. Superb idea.!! Turned out soooo cool!!!

  4. This is a great idea and totally up my alley!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I would love to see your entire book. It's so much fun. I love how your use what would normally be thrown away. I would never have thought of using the package pieces, napkins or picks. Thank you for the ideas. Thermal paper is crazy. I photo copy all my receipts, because the printing will fade to nothing with time it used to take 7 years, but now I've had a few receipts fade out in a few months. Could you take a scissors on the airplane???

  6. Thanks for the great idea. I am going with a friend this year, and now I know how to make a book for her.

  7. Went looking for smashbook sites and found this one. Love your book! Even neater is that we were at Disney on July 1st of that same year. We just barely missed being there at the same time. :D



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